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A mobile home can be much more technical to paint than a traditional house. Special precautions must be taken to insure that the owner's investment in the paint job is one which provides lasting good looks and protection from the elements.

Adequate prepping of the surface to be painted plays a key role in a successful mobile home paint job. This is due to the fact that the outer "shell" of a mobile home -- unlike in the case of a traditional house which is covered with wooden shingles or highly absorbant stucco -- is fabricated almost entirely of smooth, non-porous metal sheets. Unless these metal sheets are sufficiently prepped before applying the final coats of paint, extreme oxidation is almost guaranteed to shorten the life of the paint.

Unfortunately, however, since prepping can be a very time consuming (and labor intensive) job, many painting contractors dramatically streamline this process by cutting corners wherever possible. Some even choose to eliminate it entirely. This is what is commonly referred to in the industry as a "blow and go" paint job. Such practices only serve to both give the consumer a less that satisfying result as well as undermine the integrity of painting contractors who take the time to do the job "right".

In this case, a prepping job done right includes such small details such as the possible removal and replacement of screws which have rusted out and spraying a special primer on them one at a time. This also applies to all other hardware which may have either begun to rust or oxidize. In short, all rusted hardware must be removed, prepped individually and then replaced before the final prepped surface can be painted safely.

As a side note, but one which should matter to my customers with discriminating taste, I use Behr paint products exclusively for all of my high quality paint jobs. Behr's paint is guaranteed for life, and I personally feel that their primer is the best in the industry.

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