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*Photograph of Custom Awnings*

This was a customer's idea which was expained to me as requiring "bug resistent" materials. So, I used pressure treated lumber (I decided on redwood for best results) and some aluminum for the construction. The bench and column posts were my idea. For stability and rot resistance, all building materials are at least one inch above the ground on special ties.

This is another example of a COMPLETELY custom job which took shape before the customer's eyes having never seen an example like it before. I stress this because many other builders may not attempt to take on a job of either this design or complexity. Custom jobs have always been one of my specialties. I enjoy the satisfaction of delivering a truly unique product where others have turned away the job. I am proud to say that in every year since my beginning, my customers have never regretted allowing me the freedom to explore the limits of their vision. Likewise, I enjoy and welcome their ideas and input as together we craft a truly special product for their enjoyment.

These awnings were built to a high degree of adhererance to the most up to date building codes at the time of construction. It was finished entirely with Behr painting products for superior weathering.

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